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Progress DataDirect is the world leader in data connectivity. They offer the most comprehensive software solutions for connecting the world’s most critical applications to data and services, running on any platform, using proven and emerging standards.

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Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP)

Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) is our self-hostable hybrid connectivity solution that you can run in the cloud or on-premises. With HDP, you can access data in the cloud or on-premises behind a firewall. Connect through a standard interface—SQL (ODBC, JDBC) or REST (OData 2, OData 4).

Source: “DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline: Overview” by Progress

Autonomous REST Connector

Progress Autonomous REST Connector is an intelligent, customizable data connectivity solution enabling businesses to build and deploy enterprise-grade data connectors in minutes without coding.
Seamlessly, codelessly connect REST API data sources to your BI application.


Data Connectivity Solutions

DataDirect offers reliable, secure data connectivity solutions for enterprises and ISVs of all sizes. Our enterprise-ready, standards-based connectors help businesses quickly connect their on-premises or cloud app to any database or API.

OpenAccess SDK

Build Custom Driver for Any Data Source or API Within Days.


Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET or OLE DB.


Quickly integrate data across any C, C++, Java, .NET, REST, ABL or C# application.


Create quicker data access solutions to proprietary files or APIs.

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