Stonebranch Solutions

Stonebranch customers deploy their Job Scheduling, Workload Automation, Intelligent File Transfer and Independent Scheduling Agents solutions to reduce costs, improve IT service delivery and to automate and centralize their mission-critical processes.

Whether it is the Opwise Job Scheduling solution, the Indesca Universal Job-Scheduling Agents or the Infitran MFT solutions, Stonebranch offers an intuitive, but extremely powerful solution.

Stonebranch customers span the globe, including a large number of high profile organisations from all industry verticals.

Below are some examples of how Stonebranch solutions have benefited customers and ultimately, played a role in reducing their bottom line. For more customer success stories, please click on link in sidebar.

CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) - reduced the management time of their job scheduling environment by 65% thanks to Stonebranch's Opswise Universal Agent.  Opswise Universal Agent replaced CSC's legacy system, reducing cost, time and resources associated with job scheduling tasks. "The important part of the Stonebranch solution is that it is independent. It gave us the ability to upgrade our current job scheduling environment," says Torben Olsen, Systems Engineer at CSC.

Nissan Motors - Nissan Europe reduced costs and streamlined processes with Stonebranch's Intelligent File Transfer solution.  Opswise Managed File Transfer replaced insecure FTP/SFTP solutions to centralize and secure file transfer and provides business-driven visibility throughout the enterprise. "Opswise Managed File Transfer has provided Nissan Europe with an extremely robust process for guaranteed, secure file transfer. The entire process is now centralized, self-managing and has become the preferred method for data transfer within Nissan Europe," says Ian Porter, IT Planning Section Manager for Nissan Europe.

Swiss Re - centralized Job Scheduling with Stonebranch's Independent Scheduling Agents solution. Hansjorg Knittel, Head of Systems Management at Swiss Re, adds, "Thanks to Opswise Universal Agent, we were able to increase stability of the distributed environment. All platforms can now be audited, and we were able to handle the enormous growth of the distributed environment without increasing personnel."

JN Data - streamlined and standardized its job scheduling environment thanks to Stonebranch. "We can now run operations in a standardized way. Both Jyske Bank and Nykredit can be handled with the same tools, ensuring that all job scheduling is secure and compliant. We can be more productive instead of dealing with maintenance and production issues," says Kim Kvist Hansen, Section Manager for Operations Planning.

FirstOntario Credit Union - automated disparate job scheduling tools with Stonebranch's Opswise Universal Agent. "By automating our processes, there is no need for manual intervention and the amount of time and resources dedicated to our job scheduling process is greatly reduced," says Michael J. Walsh, Director, Enterprise Technology at FirstOntario.

LVM - centralized Java batch scheduling with Stonebranch's award-winning solution. "With Stonebranch's Opswise Universal Agent, we are able to seamlessly monitor and manage our new WebSphere XD-based insurance application flows from our proven job scheduling environment, without having to hire new employees or purchase additional management tools," says Jürgen Falk, Project Leader at LVM.

GuideOne Insurance - Stonebranch's Independent Scheduling Agents solution integrated seamlessly with GuideOne Insurance's mainframe and distributed environments, saving time, money and resources. "Because of Opswise Universal Agent, 10 percent of three full-time employees' time was recovered, averaging a savings of $32,000 annually," says Sandee Lehman, Data Center Manager for GuideOne.