Stonebranch solutions are designed for modern IT organisations who need guaranteed results. Stonebranch solutions provide enterprise-wide automation of complex IT processes in a simple, inituitive way. 

Stonebranch focus solely on Automation solutions with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. This is evidenced by being positioned as the only 'Visionary' in the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant (see below for more information).

Unlike solutions from alternative vendors, Stonebranch's products were purpose-built for management across generations of IT Infrastructure — from Amazon Web Services in the cloud to z/OS batch processes on the mainframe.

From simple executables and file transfers to enterprise-wide complex workflows, Stonebranch takes your business data and processes it at the right time, in the right sequence, on the right server, and with the right sense of urgency to meet your business goals while giving you visibility and notification should problems arise.


 A Different Approach

Stonebranch began in 1999 by automation professionals who imagined providing tools that IT could use with their existing infrastructure and applications. They delivered on that vision, and for over a decade, Stonebranch has provided leading job scheduling/workload automation tools that manage workload and transfer files across enterprise platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, z/OS, SAP, and Cloud-based applications.

A Better Culture

Stonebranch has been a trusted automation partner with hundreds of large enterprises internationally, providing unmatched support, ensuring all business engagements are WIN-WIN situations. For this reason, the customers using Stonebranch solutions are very passionate about the products, the support and service, and their relationship with Stonebranch.

Vision for Continuous Progress

Stonebranch's delivery of new capabilities outpaces the rest of the industry. The solutions must remain incredibly simple to use with expanded adaptability that can grow as customers imagine additional functionality. The goal is to build solutions that are modern, simple, visual, and secure.


Gartner has recently placed Stonebranch as Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Workload Automation. 

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Baobab Software represents Stonebranch in the Asia Pacific region.